FAQ for GnuPG VS-Desktop administrators

This is a list of questions concerning the administration of GnuPG VS-Desktop.

See the user FAQ for user questions.

Certificates / Public keys

Which S/MIME certificates does GnuPG VS-Desktop trust and how do I add more root certificates?

GnuPG VS-Desktop has its own directory and settings for globally accepted X509 certificates, since according to the approval only certificates from a PKI that meets the requirements of BSI TR-03145 Secure CA operation may be used for VS-NfD.

We ship a configuration that includes some common approved certificate authorities, e.g. "PCA-1-Verwaltung".

For how to add more certificate authorities, please refer to this description: https://gnupg.com/kb/howto-add-a-new-root-ca.html

How can I import certificates from an LDAP into a WKD?

See https://gnupg.com/kb/mirror-ldap-to-wkd.html

Performance and scripting

Can the encryption of large amounts of data be accelerated?

Encryption on the command line is generally faster than with the graphical frontend Kleopatra. Therefore, for large amounts of data to be encrypted at once, it may be worthwhile to do this on the command line.

How to encrypt VS-NfD compliant on the command line?

See https://gnupg.com/kb/gpgtar-for-large-data.html