2024-05-29 — VS-NfD approval renewed as BSI-VSA-10867.

2024-01-03 — RSA-2048 keys are no longer VS-NfD compliant starting 2024. (Blog post)

The Universal Crypto Solution

Data security and integrity should always be your top priority, not just when handling sensitive information. Protect personal and critical business data by encrypting digital communication within your organization, company, or agency.

You don't need a degree in computer science or mathematics to encrypt emails and data. Installing and setting up GnuPG programs is straightforward. We provide detailed instructions and offer support upon request.

For your employees, it’s business as usual: they’ll find their familiar work environment and email program just as they left it. This makes encrypting emails and other data as easy and intuitive as clicking "Send".

GnuPG Products Our Strengths

End-to-End Encryption for Windows and Linux


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With GnuPG, you can secure your files on Windows and Linux (both locally and on remote computers) using the latest technological standards. Our encryption technology effectively protects your files and backups—only the holder of the private key can decrypt the data. Asymmetric encryption (Public Key Cryptography) also means there's no longer a need for the cumbersome exchange and securing of passwords.


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Unencrypted emails really are like postcards: anyone can read them! GnuPG puts your emails in an envelope, ensuring that no one can read them on their way to the recipient. Our end-to-end encryption guarantees that only the sender and recipient can read the message. This is different from traditional transport encryption, where emails can be intercepted and read at various points along their journey.


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Most cyber-attacks start with a falsified identity, making authentication an essentail component of IT security. GnuPG's cryptographic signatures help ensure the authenticity of your communication partners. This protects you from phishing attacks and your systems from malware, preventing costly and extensive cleanups. Additionally, GnuPG enables secure logins with smartcards.

Your Shield for Digital Communication

GnuPG Desktop®

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The software contains our reliable crypto engine, a graphical key and certificate manager, plugins for Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer, plus automated certificate authentication. GnuPG Desktop® offers a high level of security and flexibility for organizations looking to effectively protect their digital communication and data.

GnuPG VS-Desktop®

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Largely the same software as GnuPG Desktop®, but also approved for classified information labeled as VS-NfD according to BSI-VSA-10867. GnuPG VS-Desktop® also meets the compliance requirements for EU-RESTRICTED and NATO-RESTRICTED.

GnuPG actium

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Simplify the authentication of certificates and keys in your organization. GnuPG actium is a powerful tool designed for efficient and secure certificate management. It automates the authentication process and additionally supports the processing of certificates in file form.

Infrastructure Services

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We provide you with all the necessary tools and support for a smooth integration of GnuPG products into your environment. Automated key distribution and automated certificate validation ensure a secure and convenient user experience. A hierarchical and cross-organizational GnuPG certificate management offers easy cooperation and communication between different organizations.

Flexible and Transparent: Benefits of GnuPG


Leading in Open Source, we provide complete transparency. The source code of our programs is publicly accessible, allowing anyone to inspect it at any time. You can also be sure that you will be able to decrypt your data without any problems in the future.

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Our software's modular architecture, featuring a crypto engine and various applications, enables seamless integration into existing processes. GnuPG enhances automation and interoperability through well-established open standards, supports all common encryption and authentication algorithms, and is compatible with both GnuPG and S/MIME.


GnuPG has a reputation for consistency and reliability since 1997. Our long-standing track record has established GnuPG as the standard solution for securing network infrastructures and services. For decades, GnuPG has been protecting communications and ensuring the integrity of software and systems.

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About the Manufacturer

A Manufacturer for All Your Needs

Our Service-Level Agreements are designed to provide your technical team with reliable and professional support. GnuPG is "Made in Germany". You therefore receive our services directly from Germany.

Quick and efficient problem resolution in your business operations is crucial. Therefore, we guarantee:

  • Fast Response Times: Promptly addressing concerns to reduce downtime.
  • Personal Service Manager: A direct contact person is at your side.
  • Direct Access to Developers: With us you have direct and personal contact to the developers of GnuPG, GnuPG (VS-)Desktop® and Gpg4win, among others.

Solutions for Classified Information

GnuPG VS-Desktop® has received official approval (BSI-VSA-10867) from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for processing information classified as VS-NfD (German classification level for restricted material). This recognition underscores our ability to meet strict security requirements in sensitive areas.

Our focus is on providing our clients with customized solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific deployment and operational conditions of their organizations. We offer not only user-friendly encryption tools but also expert consulting to seamlessly integrate these applications into your existing processes. We are happy to send you the operating and deployment conditions (SecOPs) for GnuPG VS-Desktop® via email.